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Knowledge Insight exists and functions in accordance with its Mission, Values and Vision. Our team functions inline with the spirit of our values. All strategic actions of the company originate from the Mission, taking into account the values and adjusted for Vision.

The well-being of the world depends on many factors, but the most important is the concern for safety and the environment. Therefore, during all developments we focus our efforts on these aspects.

Knowledge Insight BV


“Contribute to society through the introduction of innovative solutions and services to raise safety and efficiency”

Our belief

Our company recognizes the importance of the well-being of all creatures on planet. Earth. In this regard, and following the fulfillment of our mission, we constantly embody the latest technology and innovation to maximize effect and minimize environmental impact. The quality of our solutions and services is constantly growing.

Knowledge Insight BV


“Ecology, safety and efficiency are our values. We protect and defend these values.”

Our commitment

As we see mankind being a key-player for the formation of a harmonious future for our planet. We strive to contribute to a cleaner, safer and  more efficient  working environment.

Knowledge Insight BV


“Mankind only through innovation can exist harmoniously with nature.”

Our actions

With advanced digital solutions your processes become safer, faster and more economical. Reducing costs for producing one unit of product. Spend less scarce energy, lower your carbon footprint, reduce downtime, speed up onboarding.

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Knowledge Insight offers frontline workers situational information, work orders, inspection processes and training material improving safety and productivity.