Our team

Continuous alignment is key to success...

Our team

Our team has extensive experience enabling frontline workers. We can handle almost any question quickly and decisively. Knowledge Insight has a dedicated focus on customers worldwide where frontline workers make the difference. Safety, first time right and efficiency are our goals and values.

Safety, first time right and efficiency are our core values.

Jan Paul Raven
Director of Sales

Linking your wishes to proper solutions is my main driver.

Salvatore Lo Dico
Managing Director

The desire to continously improve our services.

Jan Schalkwijk
Director Technology

Our company’s success is the result of joint work with our clients. The success of our customers – our success!

Bert van Deuveren
Director of Product Development

I love to work on software products that can make a difference for our customers in performing their work.

Rik Jansen
Director Customer Experience

Usability and flexibility are the main drivers of all tools we develop. Continuity in change is integral in our designs.

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Knowledge Insight offers frontline workers situational information, work orders, inspection processes and training material improving safety and productivity.