The Remote Expert

Off the top of your head

A typical situation

You are in a busy shipping lane, an engine breaks down, and a specialist’s input is needed. You need him now!

Do you recognise this kind of situation? You are in need of immediate support to avoid further damage and to save the situation.
Flying in a specialist takes too long and might be unnecessary if he could help you with just a few critical details remotely.
What do you do?



If you don’t know the answer by heart,
just check it ‘off the top of your head’

With The Remote Expert you always have access to the required information, and you are connected to experienced senior workers and experts for instant knowledge transfer and support.

The Remote Expert concept comprises:

  • a handsfree, voice-controlled and connected head-mounted wearable
  • a software suite configured to align with your processes
  • support tailored to the service level agreements between you and your customers.



Work safer, faster and better

The Remote Expert solution enables you to

  • work safer: free hands and free eye sight enables you to maintain full situational awareness and allows you to operate tools and equipment needed for the job.
  • work faster and better: having the right information available off the top of your head means you can reduce downtime, do it the first time right and learn faster tapping into the experience of others.


Knowledge Insight offers frontline workers situational information, work orders, inspection processes and training material improving safety and productivity.