The Engineer

Getting it first time right!

A typical situation

You look at your work order and you wonder what it is you are supposed to do next?!

Do you recognize these kinds of situations? Work is piling up and you are not exactly sure what to do next and when it should be finished.

The work order is incomplete, wrong or even completely missing! You call a few colleagues to see what they know. At the same time, the office wants to know the estimated time of completion.

You just want to get it first time right!
But how do you know whether you are doing the right thing in the right way?




Just go with the flow.

The Engineer provides you with all information necessary to execute the work order. You know which steps to take, what to document, and when to deliver. Your progress is shared instantly with all involved parties, eliminating unnecessary calls to give updates or to explain the obvious.

The Engineer concept comprises:

  • a handsfree, voice-controlled and connected head-mounted wearable,
  • a software suite configured to align with your workflow,
  • support tailored to the service level agreements between you and your customers.


Work better, safer and more satisfying.

The Engineer solution enables you to:

  • work better: an actionable workflow guides you through the process, resulting in up to 67% higher first time fixes,
  • work faster: reduce assembly time up to 50% by delivering the right information at the right moment,
  • work more satisfying: nothing more satisfying than a job done right!


Knowledge Insight offers frontline workers situational information, work orders, inspection processes and training material improving safety and productivity.